About Us

Safeline’s objective is to provide holistic counselling and supportive services to child and victims/survivors of sexual abuse and their families in order to bring about healing and restoration. For the past 15 years we have been successful in providing programmes which has allowed for healing and restoration for individuals, families and communities.

Foundation Phase Programme

Currently Safeline Child Abuse Treatment & Prevention Centre has 4 offices. Namely in Mitchell’s Plain, (32 Glider Street, Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain), no 4, 4th Avenue, Green Acre, Grassy Park and Delft (Delft Primary School.)

Due to Safeline’s generic approach in their intervention, the counsellors never work with the victim in isolation, but with the family through a holistic approach. Ongoing lobbying and advocacy work strengthens the support network of the child.

The main focus of the organisation is to render therapeutic counselling to victims/survivors of abuse addressing the cognitive, emotional, behavioural and interpersonal effects of sexual abuse, rape and neglect. Viewing the client as an holistic being draws the organisation to not only focus on the individual but to create awareness amongst carers in every sphere of the child’s environment, ensuring the empowerment in understanding and managing child abuse.